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Amberpark: The Beginning
Amberpark: The Beginning

Amberpark: The Beginning

Amberpark: The Beginning – Sophia is a single mother desperately trying to save her youngest son, Adrian from spiraling head long into the same deadly pattern that took the life of her oldest son, Gerald. As she sorts through what she believes are all of the natural causes for her sons trouble, she uncovers the horrifying truth that the malefactor in this deadly scenario is not drugs, depression or peer pressure, but a demonic hit man named Dino who has laid siege to a neighborhood called Amberpark and is drawing her son into it’s eternal darkness. Before Sophia can save Adrian’s LIFE, she must first find the faith she needs to save his SOUL! Heaven and Hell face off in an epic urban battle as old as time itself as both Kingdom’s try to use the same weapon to defeat the other…MANKIND!

Genre: Horror

Actor: Jennifer Stepp

Director: Lance Meaux


Country: United States of America

Release: 2013-06-28

Duration: 90 Min

Quality: HD

Rating: 0